Head Turner: How to be a selfie expert

by - Saturday, August 27, 2016

By Anna Magtibay

Everyone of us is ahemm, guilty of taking a lot of selfies --- well, I guess its been part of everyday life that the term "selfie" has even become an actual word in Oxford, Dictionary. But, how can your selfie be a head turner? So, let me give you some tips on how to be a selfie expert.

Have that natural look

Check your make up if its look natural or looks like its overly done. Or simply go with bare-faced and use the hashtags #nofilter or #wokeuplikethis. 

Find your angle

As what commonly say "Angulo lang yan". As you see your reflection in the mirror, see which angle projects better.

Good lighting is the best

This is one of the inggredient in photography for capturing a best shot. Natural lighting is best to diffuse flaws and highlight your best features.

Check your background

One of the common mistake that can entirely ruin your selfie is a "mess background". No one wants to see your dirty clothes, lingerie hanging somewhere, or even well, Comfort Room selfie. Instead, find interesting backgrounds like a painting or a beautiful scenery add points to a head turner selfie. 

Expose the right apps and filters

Filters can do magic that can make your pictures look better! Experiment with the different filters to come up with your best photo. 

Explore your phone's photo editing tools

The photo-editing options in your phone can beat those downloadable apps. I personally recommend the Oppo F1s for capturing and editing your photo. This phones' perfect for those who love to taking selfies to the next level. With its front-facing 16MP camera is its main snapper, while its rear counterpart works at a lower but still respectable 13MP.  It has a beautifying function, that will make your photos instant beauty and that's make them a "selfie expert". 

And lastly, never be afraid to be yourself. Show them your true smile, that laughing eyes and that real grin. So cheers to you! But first let me take a selfie. 

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