Why you should date a girl who travels| From Wandering Dora’s Perspective

by - Thursday, February 11, 2016

By Anna Lisa Magtibay

You may see her roaming around the city or going somewhere unfamiliar. You might see her with that messy hair and hair colored by the sun matching with that tanned skin. You might already ask her out but will give you a ‘next time’ answer since her schedule is allotted to the places she already booked, but will follow up you with the question ‘you want to join?’. You may see her wounds and bites which only shows the accidents she encountered during her travel, but take it as part of the experienced. So here are several other reasons why you should date a girl who travels.

1.            She’s good with planning and budgeting

Dating a girl who travels is somewhat a bonus to you. Why? Because, as she travels she plan ahead her itinerary, the things to bring and Do’s and Don’ts in that place. She also knows how to budget wisely of her money. In this sense, you’ll never get worried with your finances because she knows how to handle it baby!

2.            She can easily adopt with the environment
Being with her will not give you any dull moments and also will get easily get along with your friends. Why? Because, as she travels, she met several people. She talks to strangers. And she’s happy sharing her passion and dreams around the world.

3.            It doesn’t matter whether you dine out in expensive restaurants
She’s much amazed if you’ll be picnicking in an open park or at the top of the mountain while star gazing at night. She’s much into in finding authentic restaurants where she can chat with locals. She won’t bother even a date at the isawan. To sum up, she’s not picky when it comes to food and it doesn’t matter whether the place is high end or just a turo-turo.

4.            Material things won’t impressed her
A girl who travels is someone who appreciates simple things. So, having a Porsche or Mercedes car won’t impressed her. She will just be happy if it can get her where she wants to go. How to impress her? Well, just spend time with her, taking her to new places and trying new things with her.

5.            She’ll encourage you to try new things
You’ll realize that being with this girl, will encourage you to try things you never thought you would. Its either swimming with the whale sharks or chowing an exotic delicacy. This kind of character can definitely make any relationship exciting.

6.            She’s not clingy
Her travels have taught her to be comfortable with enjoying time by herself. So being alone is not a big deal with her. She will be with you because it’s fun and she likes you, not because she needs a man. Unlike other lonely girls, she won’t use you to fill a void. 

7.            She’s good in teamwork
As the saying goes by ‘it takes two to tango’ in building a relationship. You have to compromise to make things work.  When traveling you really have to do things together and that’s what makes a perfect combination.

8.            She’s a dreamer
And so, you can be too. She’s a dreamer in a heart and once she envisions a destination, she will work hard to get there and when she does, she makes every minute count.

9.            She know when and how to let go
As she travels she learned that living in the present and embracing every fleeting moment is much important. She knows when to let go of the excess baggage and allow herself to embrace what is waiting for her right at her own feet.

10.          Above all, you will be her favorite place no matter what
She spent her life exploring and searching, so if you happen to come in her life she will treasure you because she knows a rare gem when she sees one. She doesn’t mind whether she needs to go the extra mile or you both on the opposite side of the world.   She can show you incredible things. She will leave you breathless. You can see the world in her eyes as she stares back at you, for her, you mean the world.

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  1. Wow. nice one I would like to date a girl like this. =)

    1. Yay! Im so happy that you liked to date a girl who travels. =)

  2. It was really nice to meet someone who loves to travel. Thanks Wandering Dora for sharing this.



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