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by - Friday, August 15, 2014

Never stop wondering. Never stop wandering.

It never stops. This life you’ve always been exploring. The adventure you’re sick to have. The craving of that midnight sea and the kissed by the sun on your skin. The glittering sand in your feet and the tiny starfish you’re wondering how the h*ll they come down from the sky. I’m always dreaming of summer. I’m always dreaming of being in a historic place. I’m constantly daydreaming of being in a place I have just seen in the postcard. I always wonder. That’s the reason behind this little biography of mine, my WANDERING DORA.

I’m just an average dreamer, I guess. I’m the kind of person that always wonder. Wonder if I can get here.  Wonder why the sky turn red during sunset (is it red or orange? I don’t know I’m color blind). How the h*ll does cauliflower called when it’s eventually a vegetable. Just kidding aside, well, I’m a kind of poetic person, but it blooms whenever I get so depressed or inspired. I’m not really a writer, but I get so inspired by sharing my thoughts and experiences. I remember in my elementary days when every one of my classmates would study or review for the upcoming exam (I don’t know if its periodic or what, I just really don’t care), they would ask me like ‘hey Anna oh you’re reviewing’ because they always see me with my notebook and my pen. And I was like, ‘No, I’m writing a story’. And to cut the story short, I failed the exam. I didn’t know it was serious I thought it’s a joke, I’m busy with my writings. That’s how I have begun to write. But to tell you the truth, I’m really not good in grammar (can you sense it). I don’t know the meaning of adjective and noun or the verb. I don’t know, maybe I was asleep during the lesson (because coffee is not yet allowed that time, so sorry for that). But I have this passion, the passion in writing. One of my teachers in college once told me that.  So I started believing its real. My point is, when you start to wonder through things and start to believe in it. Everything is possible. Even the deepest wish you are whispering. Yes, it’s possible.

This blog is actually all about travels, foods, culture, history, events, tips and recommendation. But don’t expect too much because I’m just new to this, but I’m trying my best to post a lot of articles to share with you guys. And I’m hoping that you can respond to my articles so that it would actually motivate me to write more.

By the way, why Dora? We all know that Dora is an explorer but aside from that I like to wear shorts matching with a backpack. It makes me much comfortable when travelling or going to places and places or just hanging out with friends.

So, now you know about WANDERING DORA, so sit back, enjoy where you up to and wander.

Wandering Dora

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